Evangelize: EDGE will teach young people the importance of evangelism and presenting the gospel in everything they do.
Disciple: EDGE will disciple students with biblical teaching and mentorship to help them become effective leaders.
Go: EDGE will go into all the world and preach the gospel in words and actions with local and international outreaches and crusades.
Empower: Edge will empower students to be released to their call of God for their life fully equipped and confident.

To raise up leaders and equip them for the calling that God has given them. Interns will learn how to hear from their Lord for their life and they will be discipled spiritually and trained in the logistics and behind the scenes of ministry. Interns will live at the campus and have daily bible classes, training, and will coordinate and perform weekly/monthly outreaches as well as an overseas trip. Again, our desire is to help each intern learn how to listen to the Lord for their calling and equip them to operate in it. Most importantly, to teach them to keep the great commission first in all they do.

*The EDGE Encounter: Soul winning curriculum and outreach intensive

Invite James and Monica

What we provide locally:

  • Guest speaking

  • Women’s Ministry

  • Men’s Ministry

  • Outreaches for the local church

  • *The EDGE Encounter: training on how easy it is and how to start, practical and biblical teaching including going out and doing it.

James and Monica want to be a blessing to you and will provide what you and your church need. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a need or are interested in having us in.

EDGE Trip Itinerary

Texas June 28-July 5 2014

*This soul winning curriculum is a condensed version of the training interns get at EDGE that James and Monica Satcher provide for your church or group. You will learn effective outreach techniques and how to present the gospel in several situations and scenarios. After training you will go out with James and Monica and do what you have learned! This course will make evangelism contagious in your church by encouraging, equipping, and DOING. If you would like to stir up the great commission in your congregation and grow your church or group please contact James and Monica at edge@jamessatcher.com.