About Us

James and Monica Satcher
James and Monica Satcher truly love Jesus and are the founders and operators of Satcher Evangelistic Association, (SEA). They have preached the gospel on four continents with the evidence of miracles and have seen tens of thousands decide to make Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior. They have been featured on radio and television including Kenneth Copeland's "Believer's Voice of Victory" TV broadcast and CNN's "Headline News." James and Monica met and fell in love on the mission field preaching the Gospel and now have a thriving young family. They are passionate about fulfilling God’s plan for their lives and equipping others to do so also. Their motto is "It's all about SOULS!"

Meet Jameson, he is their oldest born in July 10, 2008. He is a fireball, and a sweetheart. He cares about people so much and genuinely prays for them when he notices they have a need. Jameson has already moved in the prophetic, they have seen him prophesy and watch it come to pass.

Meet Zoe, She is their baby girl born Sep 6, 2009. She is a gentle, loving little gal who likes to make sure everyone is taken care of. She likes things in order just like her mommy! She was given a word while in the womb even before the sex was known that she has the spirit of Esther. Esther was bold, and had favor with the king which brought her people freedom from death. She was recently given a word that she would have several visits from Jesus.

Meet Isaac, he is their youngest born July 22. 2011. Isaac means laughter and he is a joyful baby. He was given a word while in the womb that he has the anointing of laughter. His name was already chosen when we received this word but only we knew it. Right now, Isaac is passionate about trains and cars; he even takes them to bed.

Meet Gloria, their most recent addition born February 9, 2015. She is named after Gloria Copeland and has brought a lot of excitement to their home. She sings to the top of her lungs and is moving non stop. She currently likes Mickey Mouse and all things music.